TM 308 Platform

How our TM 308’s start

The Tactical Machining TM 308 lower and upper receiver start as a solid billet of 7075-T651. The billet for the lower weighs around nine pounds and the billet for the upper weighs around six pounds. Our billets come from one of the leading metal suppliers in the United States, each order is certified so we can ensure that the material is of the same quality and strength with each batch.

Machining Process

Before being placed on the machine each billet is verified that it is the correct size so nothing comes up short. Each billet is placed on one of our HAAS machining centers and it fully machines the part. The magwell is very carefully machined on the milling machine as well, providing extremely accurate tolerances. When the parts come off of the machine we check each part for accuracy and remove any sharp edges or burrs from the machining process making the product as smooth as possible. The products are then coated with mil-spec hard coat anodizing and are ready for shipment.

Part Compatability

The TM 308 lower and upper receiver are designed to be used with the DPMS parts. There are no standards in the .308 world but we tried to make as many parts as possible available for the consumers.

  • Lower Receiver: DPMS Style
  • Upper Receiver: DPMS Style
  • Magazine: Magpul
  • Lower Parts Kit: DPMS style
  • Match grade triggers: Geiselle reccomended, will accept other standard triggers.
  • Buffer: .308 carbine or .308 rifle
  • Buffer Spring: .308 rifle or carbine
  • Buffer tube: Standard buffer tubes
  • Stocks: Standard stocks, PRS requires AR-10 type.
  • Handguard: DPMS type