TM-15 Platform

How our TM-15’s start

The Tactical Machining TM-15 starts as a true 7075-T651 forged lower and upper receiver from one of the lead forges in the United States. The TM-15 receivers are fully machined, leaving no flash marks from the forgings. Each pieace is held to tight tolerances to ensure the highest level of reliability and accuracy. The magazine wells are broached to give an excellent finish on the magwell. Our upper receivers also include the teflon dry lube as required mil-spec. Bolt carrier groups are made from Carpenter 158 steel as well as 8620 steel, they are magnetic particle inspected and high pressure tested by an independent third party to guarantee results.

TM-15 Rifles

Each TM-15 rifle uses the highest quality of parts to ensure that the greatest accuracy and reliability is achieved. Most of our rifles use mil-spec 4150 CMV for the barrel material and are chrome lined as well as parkerized after the machining process. The exception to that is our match grade rifles high quality stainless steel or steel may be used, usually at purchasers request.

We have our standard models as well as the ability to build custom rifles. Due to each customer desiring something slightly different each rifle is built at the time of order. Every rifle is assembled with strict attention to detail to preven blemishes or sub-standard parts from being used. We take pride in are workmanship and do not ship a rifle until we are satisfied.

Reccomended part compatability

While we offer full rifles, many end users enjoy building their rifle from the ground up. Our receivers will work with any mil-spec based parts but we reccomend the following.

  • Lower Receiver: Tactical Machining
  • Upper Receiver: Tactical Machining
  • Bolt Carrier Group: Tactical Machining
  • Magazine: Magpul PMAG
  • Lower Parts Kit: Tactical Machining
  • Match grade triggers: Geiselle
  • Buffer: Carbine: H Buffer, Rifle: Rifle Buffer
  • Buffer Spring: Mil-spec
  • Buffer tube: Mil-Spec
  • Stocks: Magpul
  • Handguard: Troy Industries or PRI

Calibers available

The TM-15 type lower receivers are available in the following caliber markings. The marking has no determination in how the gun is to be built or how it can be built, it is simply for clarity.

  • .223-5.56mm
  • Multi. Caliber
  • 7.62x39mm
  • 6.8 SPC
  • 22LR
  • .223-5.56mm PISTOL
  • Multi. Cliber PISTOL