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Your one stop source for information you can trust. We help you learn about your upcoming build, make informed choices on which gear to select for your application. Whether you're selecting a slide for your 1911 80% frame or a handguard for your AR-15, we have you covered. We have had a chance to see many of the parts on the market and can help steer you in the right direction based on your needs.

AR Style Rifles

Whether you're looking for information on gas port sizes to tune your build or troubleshooting an existing build, we got you covered.

Completing your 1911

Unsure what it takes to complete your 80% 1911? Look no further we explain what it takes.

Gas Port Sizes

Sometimes you try everything, new buffer, tighten and stake the gas key, new spring. The gun still doesn't cycle. You may want to try adjusting your gas port size.

AR-15 Caliber Conversions

Caliber conversions are one of the most attractive features of an AR-15 patterned rifle. Easily be different.