TM-10 Platform

TM-10.2 Compatibility

The TM-10.2 Platform is a hybrid between the Armalite and the LR308 platform by DPMS. We’ll walk you through recommended parts for an entire build and tell you what is important for compatibility. Since there is no mil-spec for large frame AR platform rifles compatibility can get confusing.

This is a work in progress, ask questions, get answers. Also, we'll make it prettier

Lower Receiver

The lower half of the gun contains most of the features you interface with and is a critical factor in determining the rest of the parts compatibility. This is the FFL required half, but only the stripped lower is the part you’d get the background check on.

Stripped Lower Receiver

We consider the lower receiver the heart of the build. This is the backbone of the firearm and what everything else is built around.

Lower Parts Kit

There isn’t a kit that is perfect for every AR-10 platform rifle. But, luckily many of the parts are interchangeable. With any of the parts kits, you’ll have to use our takedown and pivot pin, or make your own if you are really up for a task.

Pistol Grip

There aren’t any special accommodations required for the pistol grip but we will give you a few of our favorite recommendations while you’re here.

Buffer Tube, Spring & Buffer

Our TM-10.2 uses the same buffer tube as the DPMS LR308 and similar platforms. Some solid recommendations are found below. With any of the collapsible stocks you can use any end plate or castle nut you'd like. Buffers will vary based off of barrel and gas port size, that may be some trial and error but we’d recommend starting with the basic 308 buffers and springs.


Arguably the most important and most criticized portion of the build, the trigger. A Standard mil-spec AR-15 trigger will work here but why would you want a basic trigger in this highly tuned machine?

Upper Receiver

The upper is the pretty stepsister to the lower. While the lower is down there being Cinderella making all the magic happen the upper gets all the attention, deservedly so.

Stripped Upper Receiver

While you don’t have to use our upper receiver, for maximum compatibility we do recommend it. The uppers we sell have a forward assist and are forged like mil-spec AR-15 upper receivers. They use a DPMS High Profile rail, with DPMS threads on the barrel extension.



Charging Handle

Gas Block and Gas Tube

Any standard gas block will work, we love the look of low profile gas blocks slipped under a handguard. Make sure your tube matches your gas system length and you’re good to go.

Muzzle Devices

These will depend on your barrel, some are threaded for a 5/8-24 TPI muzzle brake, some are not.

Bolt Carrier

The bolt carrier does a bulk of the firing and a bulk of the operating. Don’ skimp out here, get one that is going to work.

Legal disclaimer: Remember that in certain states, some of these items are not legal, consult local regulations to ensure that it is legal. Get out and vote and get these laws changed. The gun control act of 1968 clearly defines that is okay to build your own firearms speak up in your local community to ensure that your rights are restored in these communities that restrict firearms based off of cosmetic features.