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Tactical Machining, a stalwart in firearms parts manufacturing since 2008, recognized the need for a transformative shift in their online presence. With the aspiration to break free from the constraints of their outdated Volusion platform, they entrusted MAK Digital Design with not only a migration to BigCommerce but also a comprehensive redesign. This strategic move aimed not only to enhance customization but also to ensure a user-friendly platform for future growth.

BigCommerce Development Services

Data Migration:

The migration from Volusion to BigCommerce was imperative for Tactical Machining's growth. The obsolete platform hindered their ability to customize and manage efficiently. The positive impact was profound—enabling streamlined operations, enhanced site performance, and paving the way for future scalability.

Custom Features & Functionality:

To address Tactical Machining's unique needs, custom features were integrated. This included a dynamic mega navigation system, an upsell side cart, and API integration with Segment. The positive impact was twofold—providing a tailored user experience and boosting overall site functionality.


The integration of third-party solutions such as Segment, Cloudflare CDN, and React.js was a strategic move. This not only enhanced the site's performance but also facilitated seamless data flow. The positive impact resulted in a cohesive and efficient online platform for Tactical Machining.

BigCommerce Design Services

Art Direction/Website Redesign:

The decision for an artful website redesign aimed to inject style and branding into Tactical Machining's online identity. The positive impact was evident—a sleek, stylish design that resonated with firearms aesthetics, ensuring a captivating first impression for visitors.

UX/UI Optimizations:

Understanding the significance of user experience, we implemented optimizations to enhance user interaction. The positive impact was notable—an intuitive and engaging interface that streamlined the customer journey, resulting in increased user satisfaction and conversions.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research:

In-depth keyword research was conducted to elevate Tactical Machining's visibility. The positive impact was substantial—strategic placement of critical keywords improved search engine rankings, directing organic traffic to the site.

Content Optimization:

Strategic content restructuring and optimization were undertaken to align with SEO best practices. The positive impact manifested in improved organic search rankings, making Tactical Machining's products more discoverable to potential customers.

Social Media Marketing:

A robust social media marketing strategy was implemented to amplify Tactical Machining's brand narrative. The positive impact extended to increased brand visibility, community engagement, and an expanded online presence.

In collaboration with MAK Digital Design, Tactical Machining underwent a holistic transformation—migrating to BigCommerce, embracing a stylish redesign, and fortifying their online presence through strategic SEO initiatives. This comprehensive approach not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Tactical Machining for sustained growth and industry prominence. Discover how MAK Digital Design can redefine and elevate your online presence today.

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