Completing Your 1911

Complete Your 1911

Completing your 1911 starts with choosing your frame. Tactical Machining offers our 1911 Recon frame in 80% and 100% frame configurations. If you start with an 80% 1911 frame you will need to finish the remaining operations to make it a firearm. The operations left to be completed are slide rails, hammer and sear pin holes, and barrel seat.

Once you have a 1911 frame that is ready to be assembled you will need to purchase the parts listed below to build your 1911. Keep in mind that 1911 parts must be hand fit to each individual frame and will not drop in like AR-15 parts kits do into a lower receiver. You can assemble your 1911 relatively quickly to a functional level but to have the pieces fit flawlessly like a high end 1911 build it will take longer to hand fit each part. The biggest thing to keep in mind when completing a 1911 is that it will take more time and patience than an AR-15 build. Below is a full list of the parts necessary to complete your 1911 as well as a assembly diagram notating each part.

Once you identify all the parts you then have to choose what quality of parts you wish to build with. We have broken down the parts into three categories and provided links to where they can be purchased. All categories are more than capable on completing a fully functioning and reliable firearm but it is all up to user preference.

1911 Parts List

  1. Barrel
  2. Barrel Bushing
  3. Barrel Link
  4. Barrel Link Pin
  5. Disconnector
  6. Ejector
  7. Ejector Pin
  8. Extractor (series 70)
  9. Firing Pin
  10. Firing Pin Spring
  11. Firing Pin Stop
  12. Front Sight
  13. Grip Safety (series 70)
  14. Hammer (series 70)
  15. Hammer Pin
  16. Hammer Strut
  17. Hammer Strut Pin
  18. Magazine Catch
  19. Magazine Catch Lock
  20. Magazine Catch Spring
  21. Main Spring
  22. Main Spring Cap
  23. Main Spring Cap Pin
  24. Main Spring Housing
  25. Main Spring Housing Pin
  26. Main Spring Housing Pin Retainer
  27. Plunger Spring Assembly
  28. Plunger Tube
  29. Rear Sight
  30. Recoil Spring
  31. Recoil Spring Guide
  32. Recoil Spring Plug
  33. Safety Lock
  34. Sear
  35. Sear Pin
  36. Sear Spring
  37. Slide Stop
  38. Grip
  39. Stock Screw
  40. Stock Screw Bushing
  41. Trigger
1911 diagram